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Vital Animal Podcast

Will Falconer, DVM

Do you want a wildly healthy, naturally disease-resistant animal who outlives that ever decreasing “average” life span? Do you want a magnetically attractive Vital Animal that irresistibly draws people to her? One who doesn’t cost you a fortune in vet bills because she’s so darned healthy? Join Dr. Will Falconer, a vet since 1980, and a fully homeopathic one since 1992 and discover how to make and keep a truly Vital Animal. These animals are changing the world, and yours can join our pack. Hit subscribe and get ready to turn heads.

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#42 Dr. Janet Roark rightly calls herself the Essential Oil Vet.

Newly graduated from vet school, she found herself in a deeply stressed state.

Migraine headaches, classified by the allopaths as “ice pick migraines” (ouch!) forced her to take time off she didn’t want to take.

Newly graduated, in a new practice, new work load, and chronic migraines accompanied with depression that drugs weren’t helping — what was she to do?

One day, she found herself without drugs, suffering a crushing migraine, and all she had with her was a small tube of essential oils she’d been given by a helpful friend.

In short order after topically applying the oils to her temples and back of her neck, the good doctor experienced a revolutionary resolution of her pain and suffering.

In mere minutes, the migraine lifted. No drug had ever come close to bringing this kind of relief.

“If it worked this fast and this amazingly on me (when the drugs did not), imagine what it could do in my animal patients,” thought Dr. Roark!

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Listen up as we explore her transformation, her shift in practice, and her happy results with a wide variety of animal patients.

This is a very timely episode, as Dr. Roark is offering an in depth workshop to help you wield these amazing natural remedies, safely and effectively in your own animals.

You’ll have two full days LIVE with her, with break out sessions, lots of bonuses, and lifetime access to this material, and it’s all happening May 20-21, 2023.

To get full details and be able to perform your own EO miracles, use this link to get her Early Bird Pricing.

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