Traders Improved Trading Podcast

Traders Improved Trading Podcast

Rolf Schlotmann / Quantum Trade Solutions GmbH

Rolf and Moritz have a combined trading experience of over 22 years. 6 years ago, they founded and where they‘re helping traders improve and find their edge. In our Traders Improved podcast, we provide actionable tips for traders from our own experiences or from what we have learned mentoring traders for the past 6 years

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I have been absent from the podcast for a while now. But this is not because I don't like doing it. Quite the opposite.


I was trying to figure out where the podcast is going and after doing around 170 pure trading-related podcasts, I felt that I have said it all.


So in this new season 2 of the podcast, we are changing the format and I will introduce you to what to expect going forward.

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