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Canberra life WRAPPED every weekday with Rod Cuddihy, Gabi Elgood and the entire Wrapped Team delivering all the news and opinions that land somewhere between balanced and outrageous!

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  • We’ve got some advice for Tom Brady.
  • Are women more buoyant than men?
  • If the Big Bash was so good this year, then WHY change it?
  • Sammy’s got the best pick up lines if you’re looking for love this Valentines Day.
  • The vegans have taken their dislike for bacon to new heights.
  • Gabi’s husband might’ve had this argument coming…
  • What was your irrational fear as a child that still stands today?
  • The radioactive capsule SAGA wraps up today, we’ll miss it.

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  • 841 - BONUS! Don't want Valentines Day divorce? ...better press PLAY. 
    Fri, 27 Jan 2023
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