The Rush Hour with Dave  Catch Up - Mix 94.5 Perth

The Rush Hour with Dave Catch Up - Mix 94.5 Perth

Mix 94.5

Their show covers everything from the big news topics of the day and issues affecting Perth people; right through to celebrity interviews with touring bands, artists, actors – any big names we can drag into the studio. Justin Hamilton delivers hilarious TV & movie reviews every week, and don’t forget Teapot on a Friday! You’ll have to listen in to find out more – and WIN! Plus loads of other amazing prize giveaways. Listen to Lisa and Pete 4-7pm weekdays on Mix 94.5 Perth or catch up with the show here.

Radio: Mix 94.5 FM

Categories: Society & Culture

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Capt Paul’s send off is official! And Dolly Parton gives an update about THE Jolene on Jimmy Fallon.

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