The Reporter: True Stories

The Reporter: True Stories


"The Reporter: True Stories" is a new podcast series hosted by veteran journalist Gary Adshead.

With a career spanning four decades, Adshead has stood on the frontlines of journalism, tackling a vast array of Western Australia's most notorious stories, from murder investigations and national espionage to heroic rescues and missing person cases.

In this gripping new series, Adshead and fellow newshound Michael Thomson bring listeners behind the headlines, offering a unique glimpse into the life of a reporter, unpacking the challenges, triumphs, and complicated realities of pursuing the truth. This podcast underscores what it takes to get the story.

Categories: News & Politics

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When someone questioned the legitimacy of police and military service medals worn by WA MP Barry Urban, the Reporter began weeks and months of investigation. The twists and turns finally found that Barry Urban became a politician based on a web of lies - Urban myths - ending up with him being sent to prison.

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Previous episodes

  • 9 - Fake Medals, Urban Myths 
    Sun, 17 Sep 2023
  • 8 - Spy Base Echelon 
    Sun, 10 Sep 2023
  • 7 - Finding Bogucki 
    Sun, 03 Sep 2023
  • 6 - Tow Trucks and Death Threats 
    Sun, 27 Aug 2023
  • 5 - Blowing the Whistle on the Whistleblower 
    Sun, 20 Aug 2023
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