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The Instagram Stories Podcast

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I teach people how to build an audience from scratch.

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Ashley Langer is a natural born connector and extrovert with over 10 years of experience planning marketing and networking events.  As the founder of Business Socialistas, Ashley works to build a community of female entrepreneurs where women can connect, support one another, find resources and grow their businesses.  Most notorious for their elevated networking events, Business Socialistas cultivates unique experiences that empower women and brings them together in person and on social media.When not on the ‘gram or event planning, Ashley spends her time going to the beach, exercising and enjoying a delicious meal with her friends, family, husband and two daughters.

In this episode, Ashley breaks down her 5 key steps to building a community on Instagram. She explains in detail how she uses each step with examples, but her list includes:

* Support – like, comment, cheer your friends on* Share – share with your audience in a meaningful way* Spotlight – feature someone that your community will connect to* Summon – get feedback and input to involve your community* Social – build community by featuring your community in your content

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