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Join the Syndicate, as we unravel the mystery behind the illusive creature known as "Bigfoot". Whether you believe Sasquatch is an ape, a relic hominid, a paranormal or inter-dimensional entity, or even an alien from another world, we have you covered. Sasquatch Syndicate promotes the research, and discovery of Sasquatch through various forms of media, entertainment, and events. If you wish to be a guest on the show, or to discuss collaborative efforts, or events, please visit or email us

Categories: Science & Medicine

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In this November 2021 podcast, the team celebrates Halloween and replay's the vcast episode from this years special.  You can find this episode in it's entirety at If you wish to be a guest on the show, or to discuss collaborative efforts or events, please visit Thanks for Listening! - Chuck & Paul Copyright © 2020 Sasquatch Syndicate Inc.   All Rights Reserved.

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