Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee

Meshel Laurie's Nitty Gritty Committee

Smart Fella

Meshel Laurie interviews ordinary people about extraordinary things. Stories about the guts and the glory of life.

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Radio: Nova 100 3MEL

Categories: Society & Culture

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Hi friend. Here's a new show I thought Nitty Gritty listeners might like. It's called Calm ya Farm. It’s a short drop of practical wisdom from unlikely gurus. This one is Home and Away’s Irene! More calming ideas at our website. Thank you to Uncle Jack Charles for the Acknowledgement of Country. How do YOU #CalmYaFarm? Leave us a voice message via our Speakpipe! It's free! And we'll share our favourites in upcoming podcasts / newsletters. Record your message here.  

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