Moyra & Baggs on 1029 Hot Tomato

Moyra & Baggs on 1029 Hot Tomato

1029 Hot Tomato

Moyra & Baggs have got your backs on that shoddy M1, you won’t even mind getting stuck in traffic! The great thing is, even if you miss out on the bumper to bumper drive home, you don’t have to miss out on the show! Because we save all the juicy stuff right here! Catch all the best bits from Moyra & Baggs on 1029 Hot Tomato.

Radio: 102.9 FM Hot Tomato

Categories: Comedy

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On today's show, Moyra & Baggs were chatting about what the BEST Christmas food is, and where your favourite supermarket is in a round of Suburb Wars! Plus, Moyra was asking if you're old school when it comes to dating and she also gave everyone a bitcoin update! Baggs was asking whether women like men who mumble.... and they had a round of the Instagram Game!

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