Customer Service Gold Dust Podcast

Customer Service Gold Dust Podcast

Gavin Scott

Gavin Scott, charismatic customer service expert, hosts this weekly podcast where he shares his own experiences of being in the military, of business, of sport and of life, all through the magic of storytelling. Gavin's stories and humour are guaranteed to brighten your day.

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Welcome to Episode 68 of The Customer Service Gold Dust Podcast.

In this episode, Gavin talks about the magic of giving compliments.

He elaborates on some interesting examples of how giving compliments can make customer service fun and fluid - whether you're the agent or the customer.


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This podcast is hosted by Gavin Scott, an inspirational and entertaining Professional Speaker, facilitator and trainer using business success, sports experience and a genuine ability to win people over to deliver key messages.

To get in-touch with Gavin find him online or on Social Media at:

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