Catch It By The Tail

Catch It By The Tail

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Catch it By The Tail is a podcast of songs, stories and poems for young and old but in particular children aged 4 and up. The program features contemporary material along with classics from the past. It also features content made especially for it: stories and poems performed by actors, authors reading their work and kids being themselves in all sorts of different ways. The show doesn’t underestimate its audience and it isn’t selling anything except a good time. Listen alone or with others. Listen when you’re stuck in traffic, at home on a rainy afternoon, when you’re going to bed or when you feel like jumping all round. Listen any time, any place. Keep in touch with the program on Instagram or at

Listen to the last episode:

This might be the first in a series – we celebrate the trombone with a special guest and are very lucky to feature a story read by its author, Melbourne writer Meredith Costain. Find details at

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    Thu, 30 May 2019
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