Canvas: Unframing Art & Ideas

Canvas: Unframing Art & Ideas

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CANVAS: Unframing Art & Ideas is a living archive, a quiet conversation, a collision of ideas, a podcast to hear, engage and be enveloped by art. Tune in to thematic episodes bringing together artists, writers and thinkers.

CANVAS: Unframing Art & Ideas is produced by a team of artists, producers and curators made up of; Host Ayeesha Ash, Researcher Eleanor Zurowski, Audio Editor and Producer Kanika Kirpalani and Executive Producers Isabella Sanasi and Emerald Dun Frost.

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Categories: Arts

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Chun Yin Rainbow Chan is an interdisciplinary artist, vocalist and producer working across music, image, sculpture and performance, and is one of six finalists in the 2021 - 2022 NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship (Artspace, CreateNSW, NAS). Rainbow joins Ayeesha to share the history and rituals she has been learning in her research into her matrilineal links to the Weitou people. In doing so, she continues the transmission of Weitou culture, strengthening her connection with her mother and her heritage, while also exploring concepts of place and time.

Audio excerpt from “魚文,鳥文” (Fish Song, Bird Song) performed by 文鳳琼婆婆, Man Fung Kun,

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