Verity for Breakfast Catchup - Triple M Central Wheatbelt 1098

Verity for Breakfast Catchup - Triple M Central Wheatbelt 1098

Triple M Central Wheatbelt 1098

New in 2017 - Verity waking you up for breakfast on the new Triple M Central Wheatbelt 1098.

Listen to the last episode:

Sad to say guys, it's the end of an era for my time here at Triple M for the Central Wheatbelt and Avon Valley  Hope you enjoy the last Catch Up :) World According to Quinny- Quinny and I have had a ball of a time together on air, he let us know once again what's going on in Northam at the moment and I'm sure it won't be the last time you hear his pipes across Triple M. Melissa Price came on board this morning to chat about some of the positives that have come out of the budget for our region. Macca's last Avon Football Association preview with me this morning, a couple of anniversary mentions for the players and Macca himself will even be on the ground this week. The Avon Valley and Wheatbelt Advocate check in with the lovely Eliza Wynn

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